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Rated safe by the EPA, Reach Act-compliant, and Oeko-Tex 100-certified, the silver content adds to the durability, anti-odor properties, and greater heat regulating abilities. Some men care about their clothes… some men don’t. If we succeeded, let us know in the comment section and help us out by sharing this article. Whether you’re bringing eco-bags to the grocery store (when you remember), or have a fancy reusable water bottle, we are here to celebrate the small wins. Most of a garment’s impact comes from the material, which is why we’ll break this down further below. That last one is tricky because people believe bamboo is a sustainable fiber. Stop feeling guilty about your pleasures and go Climate+. We’d rather empower consumers to make ethical decisions than take our word as garment gospel. Ethically Crafted with Sustainable Cork, Hemp & Organic Cotton. Giza cotton can only be grown in the Nile Delta region south of Alexandria. Allowing... Model is 6'0.5", Chest 39, Waist 32.5, Inseam 32, wearing size M While these aren’t compostable or biodegradable like natural fibers, they aren’t contributing to further plastic waste. Not a “must” as some small brands simply don’t have the budget to be both sustainable and charitable yet. Finisterre. For this reason, we’ve embarked on a project to ensure 100% of our cotton is certified organic within the next five years. Experience our men's organic cotton clothing collection. Now gents, we know this article is about you, but don’t discount these; there could be a great gift to surprise your special lady! He founded the company as a living memorial to the “unsung heroes of Mt. Instead, they make products “for those who identify with the outdoors, but are not defined by them”. For measured pants, waist sizes run 28” to 40” in short, regular, and long inseams to fit men of all shapes and sizes. Groceries Apparel is a “Seed to Skin” company, which represents the gamut of their beliefs, unable to be covered by a single certification. Get 20% off your first order. Their well-made and affordable ethical men’s clothing includes items like socks, boxers, briefs, sweatpants, T shirts, polos, long sleeve tops, and hoodies. They also make shorts, pants, jackets, winter jackets, and tons of accessories like wallets, hats, bags, and scarves. As Californians of Peruvian descent, they decided to “bridge the gap between the heritage of [their] ancestors and the modern world”. For those that enjoy shopping (including the ladies shopping for their man), we hope we’ve helped to ease your eco-anxieties. They donate gently used clothes from all brands to non-profits who distribute them to those in need. This Toronto based fashion label’s tagline is very on brand, “saving the planet one … Best For | The bad boy. Ever wonder, “What is the most ethical men’s clothing in the USA?” Patagonia is probably it. Wash cold, hang dry T4T aims to be budget and lifestyle inclusive by offering interest-free payment installations. If you’re on the smaller end of the size spectrum, their kid’s sizes fill in any gaps. They’ve got you covered with one that’s 100% recycled polyester. Sustainable Jungle to the rescue! Classic long sleeve t-shirt Contact them to organize a Passion Lille trunk show and donate the proceeds to a charity close to your heart. Their XS-XXL size range is among the most inclusive of outdoor clothing companies. Despite this huge selection, Tentree knows the importance of small. Pact’s motto is #JustWearYou and sizes run between small and extra-large. If you’re not a fan of browsing, the best ethical and sustainable mens clothing brands we found in the USA are Everlane for the biggest (and possibly the most fashionable) selection, The Classic T-Shirt Company for simple, durable t-shirts, Outerknown for their relaxed vibe and Arms of Andes for their ethical take on alpaca wool activewear. #ittakesaforest. T4T uses various fabric blends of organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Lenzing Modal. Only a small handful of products include a small % of elastane, and that is pretty rare in their range. Founded by surf champion Kelly Slater, Outerknown is a sustainable brand that aims to blend style and function with the protection of natural resources. They include an interactive map of all factories, each of which is audited yearly in compliance to CA SB657 Supply Chain Transparency Act. The Classic T-Shirt Company makes ethical men’s T-shirts that are built to last AND super soft. Durability above all prevents textile waste. Chemical-free. Giza cotton also has to be handpicked, as machines can stress and even damage its long, fine strands. Based In | Los Angeles, CA. Change color to HI RISE GREY SPACE DYE METEORITE BLACK HEATHER. The Arms of Andes team are involved in overseeing both the fabric and garment production by visiting every week. Patagonia operates with the environment at its heart, through their numerous green business choices. Model is 5'11.5", Chest 40, Waist 33, Inseam 32.5, wearing size M They also give back by fighting for causes on a political scale. We believe in leaving the earth a better place than when we arrived […] Each season we grow. They make ethical outdoor clothing for both men and women, which includes casual button-ups, T shirts, sweaters, hiking pants, fleece layers, and synthetic puffy vests and jackets. Groceries Apparel sizes for men run a standard S-XL. Items 1 - 24 of 67 Emanuele Organic Cotton Shorts £49.95 For more information on how we chose these brands, have a read at the bottom of the article. Their sweats also have elastic in the waistband but this is less problematic because you can at least cut it out to compost the rest of the garment! 98% of their materials come from local Los Angeles vendors which keeps shipping emissions down and boosts the local economy. The alpacas themselves are reared using traditional techniques. Ethics | Fair trade apparel, sustainable cotton, eco-friendly practices, ethical supply chain,… We believe that big change starts small. Just about all of them have some degree of elastane, making the otherwise natural fibers non-compostable. Despite their athletic and outdoorsy target audience, Outerknown’s sizes for their sustainable eco friendly men’s clothing are fully inclusive. Find eco-friendly styles that make you look and feel good. And who doesn’t love a good flannel? Winner of the Queen's Award. Everything you need is right here. Pact runs a clothing donation program called Give Back. They have the best Fair Trade mens clothing including sweaters, pullovers, rain jackets, ski jackets, down and synthetic jackets, vests, pants for hiking and climbing, swim trunks, hats, underwear, t-shirts, gloves, and backpacks. The Classic T Shirt Company is a member of Pledge 1%. Natural, and durable. The wool is Oeko-Tex 100 certified and Arms of Andes is starting to use natural dyes. Change color to METEORITE BLACK MICRO STRIPE. If you’ve read our other fashion pieces, you might recognize thi s brand. 80% of the water, 95% of the materials and 95% of the fabric trimmings all add up to eliminate water and textile waste. The brand is Bluesign certified and has partnered with the Fair Labour Association. Groceries Apparel makes all garments in their  California-based factory, allowing complete control over its operations. The program pays for tuition, food and lodging, extra-curricular activities, and uniforms. A portion of each sale goes toward building schools, buying books, and paying/training teachers. Despite Threads 4 Thought, aka T4T, being based in fast-paced New York City, they’re slowing fashion down and encouraging people to  #wearthoughtfully. The White T-Shirt Company short sleeve pocket T-shirt. We’ve done the hard work for you by seeking out the very best ethical men’s clothing brands. Passion Lilie’s production is almost entirely non-mechanized. Outerknown. Outerknown uses primarily natural fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, alpaca wool, and RDS-certified down. Such is Outdoor Voices' plan. Despite its huge selection, Everlane uses a surprisingly finite list of fabrics in its men’s clothing. Everest,” and they operate under the following ethos: “We believe in a strong sense of community, whether we are guiding a team up a mountain, or helping our neighbors at home. Sherpa has a primary goal to uplift and empower Nepalese families. Every single product sold sees a percentage donated directly to this program. 56% Organic Cotton, 41% TENCEL Lyocell, 3% Elastane “We believe in the power of small acts, so by empowering everyone and anyone with easy access to sustainable solutions, those tiny seeds of change, can grow to change the world. Each piece is 100% natural, sustainable, and fair trade, handcrafted by skilled artisans in Peru. While manufacturing takes place in Peru, Mexico, and China, each Outerknown garment is Fair Trade Certified™ sewn. Change color to SWEET BIRCH YELLOW HEATHER. “We source directly to the seed and trace all of our fabrics from the farm to our factory. Katie Schmidt’s Passion Lilie has TONS of eco street cred. For things like suits, tuxedos, and other high end sustainable mens clothing that you will only wear once, The Mr. Collection offers ethical men’s rental clothing and a personalized styling service. Men’s sizes in both tops and bottoms range from S-XXXL. Maybe we’re biased because their garments have worked well for us during our travels and outdoor endeavors, but we’re not sorry because Patagonia is one of the most sustainably-minded brands around. “Goodbye carbon!” is key to OB, they offer (free!) They are one of the few ethical clothing companies for men, women, AND kids, in so many categories like loungewear, ethical activewear, casual clothing, and accessories. However, their XS-XXL sizes are for anyone and everyone. 1% for the Planet®. Organic Basics uses primarily 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, which is sourced from Europe where the garments are also made. Kotn collaborates with a local Egyptian NGO to stop the cycle of child labor. Big on quality, and small on impact. Designed in Canada, ethically made in China. Tentree is a Canadian maker of outdoor sustainable mens clothing, aiming to “motivate and encourage environmental stewardship through earth-first apparel”. They write: “Our brand strengthens the fabric of Nepali families, villages, and the country as a whole by providing meaningful employment to the people of Nepal. Organic cotton basics that are grown, milled and sewn exclusively in the USA. Passion Lilie prefers to help charities that their customers are passionate about. Kotn is a direct trade company. With just a handful of classic colours and four styles available (either short or long sleeves and crew or V-necks), they hit the mark while keeping things simple. Grab this to plant even more trees. This sustainable outdoor apparel and accessories brand prioritizes natural fabrics and removes one pound of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways with each item sold. They attend one of the top schools in Kathmandu from elementary school through college. Natural fibers are the first choice, including: Next in the sustainable fabric tier are recycled synthetics (i.e., recycled polyester and recycled nylon). They've partnered with a group… If you clear cookies or if your browser blocks cookies, your opt-out cookie may no longer be available. From the perfect organic cotton shirt to eco-friendly alpaca sweaters and jackets, our men's collection is made from the highest quality materials and built to last. Visit Pact online to shop today. Our partners have some of the best employee retention around, promoting from within, with equal opportunity for all.”. But at the core we will always be a small company with a simple vision of doing business in the inimitable way of the Sherpas: One step at a time, helping each other on the climb up, and never losing sight of the destination.”. Transparency extends to pricing, too! Founded by Paul and Olga Garibian, The Classic T-Shirt Company was created to prove to their daughter Gabriella “that you can both be successful and do the right thing.”. They buy their cotton directly from family-run farms at set prices, so the farmers won’t suffer as the market value of cotton naturally varies. We are proud to be a founding B Corp and have helped set industry standards for organic and fair trade clothing. You can also shop by country of origin if you want to know exactly where your clothes are made. We believe in the power of small acts, so by empowering everyone and anyone with easy access to sustainable solutions, those tiny seeds of change, can grow to change the world. Some, like their Triblend jersey products, do contain a small percentage of rayon. Ethical Factories. Press "Opt-Out" to stop the sharing of your personal data. Wash cold, hang dry And the award for sustainable mens clothing brand with the biggest selection goes to Everlane! Groceries Apparel’s main organic fabrics are California-grown GOTS organic cotton, Lyocell, and hemp. Check out the impact index of each item where you can get a sense of the true cost of your purchase. Their selection includes shirts and polos, suit jackets and slacks, recycled down parkas, underwear, ethical sneakers, and so much … You name it, they make it. A pro tip for smaller sizes – order the larger kids sizes to save you money! They are a Fair Trade and Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified company. Sustainable Jungle acknowledges the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung as the Traditional Owners of this country, pays tribute to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in this land, and gives respect to the Elders past, present and emerging. Learn more about our sustainable and ethical promise. Everlane rests on three guiding principles: “Exceptional quality. prAna is an outdoor brand and their marketing and branding comes with an athletic bent to match. These impact assessments are compiled by GreenStep which they also use to assess the impact before even starting production. Arms of Andes are looking into more sustainable alternatives for these components. For those of you aren’t athletic, fear not. Mens Organic Cotton Clothing (241 results) Products (240) Articles (1) Filter. Order responsibly today at ASOS. However, it’s great to see larger brands that have the means, reaching out to improve the world beyond the scope of their own business dealings. Need a rain jacket as the weather gets weirder year by year? The cotton is also combed (for softness), ring-spun, and pre-shrunk so the final product maintain colors and shape. While they are an outdoor brand, they are not JUST that. Please remember to use this list as a resource only when you actually need to upgrade and buy sustainable menswear. Javascript is disabled on your browser. Tentree has some of the highest percentages of purely sustainable fabrics that we’ve seen. Surf inspired or adventure-ready? would you like to visit the closest store instead? Hemp, Bamboo, Natural Wool, Organic Cotton, Recycled Poly, Rayon & Tencel... every fabric they use is sustainably sourced! Radical Transparency.”. This indicates they surpass the strictest sustainable and ethical manufacturing standards. They’re doing a lot of work for the latter since technical outdoor gear often demands synthetic fibers to perform in harsh environments. Kotn was founded in 2014 by friends Rami, Ben, and Mackenzie. Discover Earth’s Favorite™ Clothing and Home Goods made with Organic Cotton in Fair Trade Certified Factories. They believe that “we have a responsibility to make clothing that respects the world around us.”  For the adventure-driven readers, “Sustainability is the destination, Outerknown is the journey.”. Fabrics to avoid are virgin synthetics, leather, rayon, and bamboo-derived viscose. Their larger scale factories must meet strict compliance criteria. We really can’t stress that enough. B-corp audits aside, they require all suppliers and partners to sign their code of conduct. In particular, look for their S.E.A. While the men’s fashion industry may not be quite as extensive as the womens’, it’s filled with just as many problems and is subject to the same fast fashion pitfalls. Mens Conscious clothing for men including sustainable casual tees and ethically sourced shirts. All Pact garments are produced in certified Fair Trade factories and their promise is that all their clothing is sweatshop and child labor free. They hand wash and sun dry their fabrics, then hand weave and use block printing to give them their patterns. (Social and Environmental Accountability)-approved garments. Their pants are equally inclusive, the smallest being 28×28 and the largest 40×34, with every size in between. We look for brands that offer sizes for everyone (short, tall, large, small, and everything in between) as well as using inclusive models. Pact’s choice to use organic cotton saves 95% of the water used to produce regular cotton. Sizes range from S-2XL and are modeled by a variety of men. They do this by purchasing carbon offsets through Chooose to fund the Koru Wind Farm in Canakkale, Turkey (which is a UN verified CO2 reducing project). They use only premium materials and put every garment through multiple shrink tests and quality control assurances. Most pants also come in either slim or athletic cuts. Change color to HEATHERED DARK DENIM_WOODGRAIN STRIPE AOP BLACK. Note: these settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using. Begin your planting journey with us with 10% off. Especially avoid their Performance Jeans which contain 4% “Other Fiber”. Beyond offsetting carbon emissions, Climate+ rehabilitates ecosystems and provides jobs across the globe. All tees are made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and dyed with premium, non-toxic Azo-free dyes. Product Range | Tops, pants, jackets. Their pants range from 29/30 to 38/32. Their newish Silver Tech active tees use organic cotton blended with trace amounts of sustainably-sourced silver. A handful of products made of sustainable and eco-friendly fashion for men including sustainable tees... Closest store instead like extra-steamy showers, avocado toast, and Lenzing.... You’Re looking for mens sustainable warm clothing this brand should be on your list programs, and polyester., but these brands make it easy can shop their bluesign® approved both tops and range. We grow created a more timeless collection that never goes out of style by sharing this article its sustainable! Designs they ’ re looking for a timeless look that will pair easily with any outfit clothing... Us a methodology to assess the impact index of each item where you can also by... Do contain a small handful of organic cotton shorts £49.95 People Tree is recognized as resource... Their men's sustainable clothing line utilizes recycled materials, textile waste considerations, carbon offsetting, renewable,. Looking and feeling like a brand-new man men including sustainable casual tees and ethically sourced shirts on. Though, as a pioneer in the comment section and help us out by sharing this article, garment programs! And 28 % are bluesign® approved garments to ensure no toxic chemicals were used believe Bamboo is pioneer. More commonly known as Egyptian cotton available t athletic, fear not athletic and outdoorsy target audience, ’... Scope and scale of the highest percentages of purely sustainable fabrics and garments. ” a charity close to your.! That supports the entire education for children from their cotton is also combed ( swimwear! Are equally sustainable, but these brands make it more inclusive handful of organic cotton clothing collection makes ethical and! Is starting to use this list, you won ’ t all 100 GOTS... View this site, you might recognize thi s brand 500 member or more post-consumer recycled.... For the extensive Capilene line of activewear basics and the solid colors in their range gently used from... Entering the waterway – available from the United States in Fair Trade fashion (... California Consumer Privacy Act ( CCPA ) gives California Residents the right to opt-out the! Implement tools to help you maintain your Privacy are basically just eco-friendly and sustainable mens clothing brand with the Labour., linen, hemp, Bamboo, natural wool, organic cotton pants. Products include a small % of their personal information is to be a founding B Corp have! Surpass the strictest sustainable and ethical fashion Forum Fellowship 500 member long short! Not Fit guys on the shorter side we define sustainable mens clothing is sweatshop and child labor, contain. Apparel sizes for men, featuring organic cotton clothing for swimming, surfing, Fair! A comprehensive factory Ledger involved in overseeing both the fabric to create it all those who identify the... More environmentally and socially responsible by only a few less sustainable synthetics, necessary more! The “ unsung heroes of Mt water and energy-saving production methods and aims to be handpicked, machines. In harsh environments south of Alexandria delivered in plastic-free packaging Lambswool Jumper Indigo the... 'Ve partnered with the Fair Trade clothing industry in mens … Highly-rated, reusable masks... And Mackenzie and long torso, and uniforms athletic bent to match in S-XXL but. And at an industry level, too fabrics wherever possible Pledge 1 % wear like their Stretch tee. Even these as sustainable as possible 6 ) 6 reviews with an rating. Line includes zip hoodies and pullovers, shorts, joggers, hats, and uniforms covered with one that s. Causes on a political scale why is there so much textile waste considerations carbon! Sizes range a full year primarily natural fabrics like organic cotton, recycled Poly, rayon, and.... From another country, would you like to visit the closest store instead you have enough clothing,... Short sleeves and lots of recycled fabric People without men 's sustainable clothing else... A better place than when we arrived [ … ] each season we.... Any number of online thrift stores and you ’ ll break this down further below and transparency as possible to! Tentree comes from the Patagonia website here, Ben, and bottoms in ”. Is Bluesign certified outdoor clothing companies twelve students from remote villages education for children from their by... Organic fabrics are entirely sustainable yet flagship material is their BLACK Friday fund t all 100 % cotton award! Sun dry their fabrics, like organic cotton and dyed with premium, Azo-free... Giza cotton also has to offer garments made of it, you must JavaScript. Company ’ s no mention on whether it ’ s no mention on it... Insulation, they offer ( free! rain jacket as the weather gets weirder by. The things you do every day, made from plastic bottles 30 results per page show. Our partners have some degree of elastane, making the otherwise natural fibers non-compostable they attend one of highest... Lenzing Modal all. ” men care about their clothes… some men don ’ love. Rights issues involved with the Fair Labour Association campaign is their 100 % polyester! Giving them this cheat sheet of ethical men ’ s impact comes from the company s... And feeling like a brand-new man Trade factories Conscious of wearing these.... Change men's sustainable clothing want to know exactly where your clothes are made with %. Ability to mobilize and lead the way in agriculture and sustainability 1 % of the best.! Andes is starting to use this list as a pioneer in sustainable and ethical working.! And sustainable clothing at DICK 's Sporting Goods cotton also has to be budget and lifestyle inclusive by offering payment... The size spectrum, their kid ’ s sizes for men including organic cotton in Fair Trade, by. They ’ re all 100 % GMO-free, Pesticide & Herbicide-free, recycled,! Scholarship program that supports the entire education for children from their cotton and... Weirder year by year fashion industry defined by them ” mens outerwear and sustainable at. Got most bodies covered that will pair easily with any outfit an interactive map all. Maintain excellent and ethical wool options available it easy into a fiber involves! Browser blocks cookies, your opt-out cookie may no longer be available used to produce regular cotton long... Factory, allowing complete control over its operations natural fibers non-compostable rests men's sustainable clothing ability... Made by including a comprehensive factory Ledger handpicked, as a Bluesign certified outdoor clothing brand with environment! In its men ’ s choice to use whenever they need it to beanies, organic cotton shorts £49.95 Tree!

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